Why us? We are for real

It's true. Just come in and talk to Luis, the owner, and you'll hear the accent. Luis was born and raised in Europe, living in Germany for many years. All the while, he was falling in love with the German car culture. He and his family moved to the US and set roots in the greater Sacramento area. That was many, many years ago. Today, his business, EU-Tech, has grown to be the dominant force in the European car culture of the capital of California. That's a pretty great "American Dream" story, right? (Man, do we love this country.)

It's a safe bet to say that any mechanic or team member at EU-Tech is there because they want to be, as the top techs in the Sacramento area choose to be a part of the EU-Tech team. It's not just the pay. It's the story. It's our culture of excellence. 

We welcome you to become part of our story, our family. Come see us. 


At EU Tech, we focus on:

EU TECH team
There’s no place in town that I’d trust with my M4 the way I trust these guys.
— Danny S.