Why Choose EU-Tech to fix your Audi?

Red Audi after repair

Audi's are beautiful automobiles. Compared to their competition from Mercedes-Benz and BMW, they are much more understated in their elegance. If you're one to read car magazines, you've noticed that an Audi is always praised as the benchmark for interior design and execution. A ten-year-old Audi's interior buttons and switches still feel as they did when they were new. The first generation Audi TT has been on display at the Guggenheim Museum since it was a concept nearly 20 years ago. That same car recently made it on Road & Track Magazine's "Ten Most Beautiful Cars of All Time" list. "So, why would anyone buy anything else?", you might ask. 

Well, because you have to take care of an Audi mechanically, staying on top of it perfectly to schedule. Treat them well, and they will roll hundreds of thousands of miles with nary a hiccup.  And please, only let a trained and specialized Audi technician touch your baby. The engineering and thought process needed to correctly and efficiently diagnose and troubleshoot issues is very particular to Audi and Volkswagen. The 'click click' often heard in a BMW upon startup is just fine for a BMW, but a major warning sign for an Audi. 

We pride ourselves in keeping hundreds of beautiful Audis on the streets of Sacramento. We hope you'll bring yours in and let us be a part of her 300,000-mile story.


Transportation issues and time constraints are resolved by:

  • Customer vehicle pickup and delivery.
  • Free shuttle service to and from your home or office.
  • Discounted car rentals.
  • Early bird drop off.
  • Wrecker services.