Why Choose EU-Tech to fix your Mercedes-Benz?


Why choose EU-Tech to keep your Mercedes-Benz working properly as if it were new? Because at EU-Tech Premier Service Facility of Sacramento we are passionate about Mercedes Benz, their history and the cars they build.

Mercedes-Benz is a fantastic engineering company, and they develop engines in just about every configuration possible: four cylinders, six cylinders, eight cylinders, and even twelve cylinders; naturally aspirated, turbocharged, twin turbocharged, and supercharged. This is great, but when it comes to trusting your MB to a mechanic, you need to be convinced that the technician you choose knows your engine configuration intimately. We at EU-Tech are completely up-to-date on all technical bulletins for your Mercedes and are entirely comfortable repairing and maintaining it. 

We at EU-Tech in the Sacramento area are also specialists with all AMG cars. Luis Soros, owner of EU Tech, is a passionate collector, and has owned many V12 AMG cars over the years. We welcome you to come to our facility and see why more people in the Sacramento area trust their Mercedes Benz with us.

Time constraints/transportation issues are resolved by:

  • Customer vehicle pickup and delivery.
  • Free shuttle service to and from your home or office.
  • Discounted car rentals.
  • Early bird drop off.
  • Wrecker services.