Why Choose Our Shop to Repair your Land Rover?

Land Rover has a time-proven reputation for being the most capable and luxurious off-road manufacturer in the world. If you know their history, they've gone from being an independent company in England to owned by BMW and Ford. Throughout each of these changes in ownership, the engines, transmissions, and electronics have changed drastically, assuming technologies from the parent companies.

This situation makes it imperative that a Land Rover owner takes his or her Rover to the independent shop that is intimately acquainted with each generation of Land Rovers. At EU-Tech's Land Rover repair shop here in Sacramento, we pride ourselves in our breadth of knowledge and long history maintaining and repairing all Land Rovers, old and new. 

Depending on the make and model of your Rover, there's likely at least a short list of items that need to be addressed with preventative maintenance. For example, the air suspension on 2003-2005 Range Rovers can leak over time. If left uninspected and unaddressed, the repair could be quite costly. This can easily be avoided simply by bringing your Range Rover in for a quick inspection. We want to be your long-term maintenance and repair shop. We do this by offering better-than-dealer service and customer satisfaction.

We Resolve your time constraints and transportation issues by:

  • Customer vehicle pickup and delivery.
  • Free shuttle service to and from your home or office.
  • Discounted car rentals.
  • Early bird drop off.
  • Wrecker services.