Tires & Alignment

First off, let's talk about the importance of the right tires. Despite being the part of the car that actually touches the road, so many people fail to understand the impact that a bad set of tires can make on a car's performance, fuel economy, and drivability. We not only sell you tires. We interview you, asking questions as to how you define "performance". Then, we inspect the current set of tires on your car to further understand how you drive. Only then do we make suggestions as to which tires would best serve your needs, keeping your budget in mind.

As we inspect your tires, we also might realize that something in your alignment settings is amiss. Tires wearing too quickly? You likely have a bad alignment. You could have the nicest car on the block, a wonderfully engineered piece of European machinery, and if it pulls left or right as you accelerate or brake, your affection for the car is greatly in jeopardy. That's for sure. If you notice anything other than a perfect drive that tracks straight and true, don't waste time driving around hating your car. Bring it to us and let us make it feel like it did the day it was new. Like tire choice, a proper alignment is often less valued than it should be.