While not every car gains 20% horsepower and 20% torque with a proper reprogramming of the ECU, every car does benefit to some degree. But consider that almost all cars gain 8-10% in fuel economy from the right retune, it's mathematically and logically worth it for nearly every European car on the road! From that foundation, it then needs to be noted that certain cars get incredible boosts in performance by a simple flashing of their ECU

For example, an E90/92 BMW 335i, in stock form, can't begin to keep up with the same model of M3. With a new program being uploaded into the ECU, the 335 will almost be as fast as the M3! With an intake and exhaust package, it's even stronger than the V8 car! 

MINI Cooper S cars do fantastically well with reprogramming (learn about our MINI Cooper repair services). Just about all Audi's do, especially the 2.0T. The list goes on and on. 

We at EU-Tech are incredibly familiar with each of the programming tuners on the market, as well as how well their product works in the real world. This form of tuning is the most economical no-brainer there is in the automotive kingdom... at least for many cars. 

If you want more horsepower and torque, or if you want to increase your fuel economy, we invite you to come by our shop and talk to us about what you could expect to gain by allowing us to help choose the right ECU program for you and your needs. 

You are NOT going to find a better automotive repair shop than EU-Tech. My check engine light came on and I was able to get my car into the shop on Saturday of a three day weekend. My car was in and out in two and a half hours. I was informed of the work that needed to be performed and the price, prior to work being performed. I TOTALLY trust Louis and his staff.
— Kalina C.
Auto Specialist doing a car analysis

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