Sacramento Auto Repair and Maintenance

European cars are, well, simply better than Japanese cars. (Wouldn't you want your independent European Auto service shop to feel strongly this way?)

But it's true. European cars are passionate. Their designs are a study of excellence. They are meant to be enjoyed from behind the wheel. Each European brand that we service is the pride and joy of its country or city. There's just an abundance of pride in each EU factory that isn't there in the counterparts from Asia. Consider that. There's long been an assumption that European cars are less reliable though, or cost an arm and a leg to repair. There is a bit of truth to this. The level of engineering does require that the cars be serviced and maintained as the owner's manual instructs. Unlike your friend's Corolla, your Passat won't run without oil in it for very long. But if you simply take care of your European car as you should ANY car, you'll be able to "have your cake and eat it too," enjoying a far better car for hundreds of thousands of miles. 

And if a problem arises and you need a repair, we truly are convicted that we are the best option for you. Since we aren't a dealership that happens to have a service department as required by the manufacturer, we have a singular focus on bringing excellence to maintaining and repairing Sacramento's European car population. We use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, just as the dealer does, but without the huge markup. 

Avoid the foreboding feeling of taking your car to the dealership the next time the need arises. Bring it to EU-Tech and be pleasantly surprised by the experience, the 'family feel,' and the cost savings.